Surfing around the net and came across this, never actually heard of it until now. Basically its a cross-OS runtime environment for building rich Internet applications using Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, and Ajax, that can be deployed as a desktop application.

“AIR applications can operate offline, and then activate further functionality or upload data when an active internet connection becomes available. One example is eBay Desktop, which allows sellers to complete a listing offline and then upload it to eBay when they are connected to the internet. Other companies currently using AIR include AOL for its Top 100 Music Videos service, NASDAQ Market Replay, CleVR for its panoramic photo stitcher, as well as Pownce and finetune for their desktop applications.

Over 180 applications are currently available on the Adobe AIR marketplace.”

(Source: Wikipedia)

Sounds promising!

Check it out for yourself here.

Also found a very useful app in the AIR Marketplace. As I am very interested in photography I found this one very useful, its called AnyFlickr, as you have more than likely guessed its a flickr application.

You can search for photographs, add or remove favorites all from the ease of your desktop in one window. Very nice application, you can get it here after installing Adobe Air.

If I find any more useful apps I will post them up.