Watched this film last night been wanting to see it since it came out but never really had the chance to. I wasn’t really expecting much from it but I was pleasently surpirsed. The suspense in parts of the film is brillaint and the special effects are excellently done, especially in the plane scene. I wasn’t too keen on the whole superman thing but this film has changed my mind. As for the “new” superman, Brandon Routh fits perfectly into the role. The only thing I didn’t really like about it was Kevin Spacey’s portrayel of Lex Luther, I just think his overall appearence wasn’t that “evil” and you couldn’t really take him seriously, I just wish he was a bit “darker”. Everything else was perfect in my opinion.

The film suggests that it is open for a sequal in parts, which I’m not going to give away. Plus I’ve also read up that director Bryan Singer has confirmed that he is working on a sequal to be released in 2009, bring it on I say.

If you haven’t seen it already check out the trailer.