Well yesterday I went to see the new hulk and I’ve got to say it really was Incredible.This movie is not a sequel it is a relaunch of the whole Hulk franchise as the 2003 hulk was a total disaster. The film starts of slow but it soon gets better. At first I wasn’t too sure about Edward Norton at first but by the end of it I think he played the part of Bruce Banner great.

The film builds you up until you finally see the hulk in full action, which I must say looks superb, the visual effects are breathtaking at times. But don’t get me wrong this isn’t purely a smash up film its more of a brilliant portrayal of how Banner is trying to cope with what he becomes and how to control it.

The end fight scene is brilliant with the Hulk facing The Abomination, plus a cameo at the very end was surprising and what he says gives you some answers to a future marvel film, I won’t give it away, just watch it and find out.

All together this film has been done how hulk should have been done all along, this wipes the floor with the 2003 version. I will defiantly getting this when it comes out on DVD.


Check out the trailer.