I saw the google street view car!

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So today I was at my girlfriends house and seen some car with a giant thing mounted on the top, I thought what the hell and walked outside, the car had google on the side, it was a google street view car taking photographs for google maps, I was shocked to see it, haha. If you where wondering I was in Crosby, Liverpool, UK, so if you near there you might see it yourself soon. Hopefully I’ll get myself on street view ūüėČ

Google street view screenshot


Tall Ships‚Äô Races Liverpool 2008 More Photos

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Here are more photographs of the Tall Ships I took, click them to see the larger and better quality versions.

Tall Ships’ Races Liverpool 2008

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I went to the Tall Ships’ Races in Liverpool yesterday, some very nice looking ships. Got some photographs check them out below. Click them for larger versions.

Liverpool Lord Mayor’s Parade 2008

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Went to see the Liverpool Lord Mayor’s Parade not so long ago, here are some photographs I took when I went ūüôā

Liverpool Lord Mayors Parade 2008Liverpool Lord Mayors Parade 2008Liverpool Lord Mayors Parade 2008Liverpool Lord Mayors Parade 2008Liverpool Lord Mayors Parade 2008Liverpool Lord Mayors Parade 2008Liverpool Lord Mayors Parade 2008

Last Day Of College, Uni.

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So yeah this is my last day of college and it really doesn’t really feel like it, made some good mates though, have some great laughs aswell, gonna miss it in some ways, others not.

I am now off till september until I go to St. Helens College to do a three year photography course, so I am planning to get some  sort of job or else I will be skint and not be able to do anything. When I do get to uni I plan to get a new camera also, not sure what yet, a decent one anyway.

Hopefully when when the course is over I will be somewhat getting into a job in photography, maybe freelance, but I really want to do music photography, hopefully that will come true anyway, seeing bands I like and getting paid to do what I love just sounds perfect.

Looking Out To Beauty

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Photography on DeviantART

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I’ve uploaded some of my latest photography on my deviantart page, so if you want to check it out its www.stephenrobinson.deviantart.com

I¬†really¬†need¬†to¬†take¬†new¬†photographs soon,¬†somewhere I¬†haven’t been¬†before. I¬†need¬†some suggestions¬†that¬†are¬†close to¬†the North West¬†of England.

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