Straight Edge is a way of life not a trend.

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What is with these young teens? Making out they are edge one minute to look different and the next there getting pissed up with there mates, it really is pathetic, most of these kids don’t even know where straight edge originated from, most won’t have even ever listened to minor threat. If you are going to make such a decision do it for the right reasons not the wrong ones, do it if you believe you can stay true. I do it because that is how I want to live.


Snake Eyes (Hardcore Punk)

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Fast energentic hardcore punk from Los Angeles, California, USA. If you like your hardcore punk you should love this, they sound really good check them out here.

A Day To Remember – For Those Who Have Heart (Re-Issue) (2008)

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Bought this album last week, it features a CD with 16 tracks and a DVD which features the entire gig they did in there home town of Ocala, Florida and also has two music videos and backstage footage.

I’ve listened to it several times right the way through, all the songs are really good and fit well together. The best way to describe A Day To Remember to someone who hasn’t heard them is a mix of Pop-Punk and Hardcore, this is deffiantly worth a look if you like both those genres. You can have a listen to them here and you can buy this album here.