CoolIRIS – A photographers & video lovers dream


I just came across a great plugin for most internet browsers called Cooliris (formerly known as piclens) basically it gives you websites images and videos in an 3D interactive full-screen slideshow. I especially like this plugin as I can view my flickr photos and other peoples very easily and quickly in a smart fashion, youtube videos also work great on it to. There are many sites supported, click here to see it and get it for yourself.


D40..I think?

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I think I’m going to get the Nikon D40 its fairly priced and its a good camera, I would go with the D40x but the only real difference is the megapixels and I doubt I’ll be making any tight crops or massive prints. I’ll most likely go with the D40 unless anyone has better suggestions for around the same price.

Last Day Of College, Uni.

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So yeah this is my last day of college and it really doesn’t really feel like it, made some good mates though, have some great laughs aswell, gonna miss it in some ways, others not.

I am now off till september until I go to St. Helens College to do a three year photography course, so I am planning to get some  sort of job or else I will be skint and not be able to do anything. When I do get to uni I plan to get a new camera also, not sure what yet, a decent one anyway.

Hopefully when when the course is over I will be somewhat getting into a job in photography, maybe freelance, but I really want to do music photography, hopefully that will come true anyway, seeing bands I like and getting paid to do what I love just sounds perfect.