Birds Redux by Grant Hamilton

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An excellent polaroid photograph by Grant Hamilton of birds on telephone lines against a nice blue sky. I love the simplity of this image and the polaroid border adds to the whole feel of the image.

See more of his work here.


Polaroid Rainbow

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Polaroid Rainbow

My latest photograph, its a real shame that polaroid are going to stop making polaroid film.

Recent Photography Work

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I haven’t posted much of my work up here recently so I thought I would, heres some of my latest. Click them for larger versions.

Polaroid RainbowIn Deep ThoughtSky From The PierKristopher Tolley (Photographer)God Save The QueenHallDoor Way

You can view more of my work directly on my flickr.

Also I wanted to try out the new polls here on wordpress sooo…

Polaroid 1000 + Flash for £1


Yesterday I bought a Polaroid 1000 instant camera with flash for £1, what a bargain 🙂