You Leave Me Broken

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You Leave Me Broken
New photograph, self portrait, click to englarge *recommended!*.


A Day To Remember – For Those Who Have Heart (Re-Issue) (2008)

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Bought this album last week, it features a CD with 16 tracks and a DVD which features the entire gig they did in there home town of Ocala, Florida and also has two music videos and backstage footage.

I’ve listened to it several times right the way through, all the songs are really good and fit well together. The best way to describe A Day To Remember to someone who hasn’t heard them is a mix of Pop-Punk and Hardcore, this is deffiantly worth a look if you like both those genres. You can have a listen to them here and you can buy this album here.

Liverpool Lord Mayor’s Parade 2008

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Went to see the Liverpool Lord Mayor’s Parade not so long ago, here are some photographs I took when I went 🙂

Liverpool Lord Mayors Parade 2008Liverpool Lord Mayors Parade 2008Liverpool Lord Mayors Parade 2008Liverpool Lord Mayors Parade 2008Liverpool Lord Mayors Parade 2008Liverpool Lord Mayors Parade 2008Liverpool Lord Mayors Parade 2008

Last Day Of College, Uni.

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So yeah this is my last day of college and it really doesn’t really feel like it, made some good mates though, have some great laughs aswell, gonna miss it in some ways, others not.

I am now off till september until I go to St. Helens College to do a three year photography course, so I am planning to get some  sort of job or else I will be skint and not be able to do anything. When I do get to uni I plan to get a new camera also, not sure what yet, a decent one anyway.

Hopefully when when the course is over I will be somewhat getting into a job in photography, maybe freelance, but I really want to do music photography, hopefully that will come true anyway, seeing bands I like and getting paid to do what I love just sounds perfect.

Looking Out To Beauty

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The Spirit (2008) Teaser Trailer

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Just checked out the trailer for the upcoming new Frank Miller film “The Spirit” which he writes and directs. The film is based on the comics by Will Eisner .

The film, starring Gabriel Macht as the Spirit and Samuel L. Jackson as his enemy the Octopus, is scheduled for release by Lionsgate on December 25, 2008.

I hope this film is good as I love Frank Miller’s other work. I’m also looking forward to a full trailer.

Check the teaser out below.

Another Place – Crosbv

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Another Place – Crosbv

Originally uploaded by stephen robinson photography

I took this in Crosby, Liverpool, England. The thing I like about this shot is the way I have managed to capture it from a low angle and with the background items appearing as silhouettes.

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