Banksy – Some of his newer work


Haven’t checked his site in a while and came across his latest outdoor work, still good as ever. Check out some of it below. View more here.


Finally Got Used To Facebook

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I have finally got used to facebook. I’ve been wondering what all the fuss was about till now. I just love how simple everything is, I guess it just feels more friendly than myspace, but don’t get me wrong I still love myspace with all the customizing and what not, but I am sick of all the adverts on myspace, facebook doesn’t really have that many.

Help a Charity for free with this Social Site

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Found this social networking site today that lets you pick a charity and by getting points you help you charity get more money for there causes. Really great idea click on my thing below to join.

xSTEx invites you to

My Photography Myspace

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Go check out my photography myspace, really need peoples support! Please add it if you have myspace, thanks.

New Last.FM *Screenshots*

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Last.FM has had a makeover and I think it looks much better now, it has a few new features going on aswell. Check out the screenshots below. Or check it out for real here.

The new dashboard which seems just to be called home now.

The new profile page.

New library feature which catalogues all your artists and tells you total plays