Banksy – Some of his newer work


Haven’t checked his site in a while and came across his latest outdoor work, still good as ever. Check out some of it below. View more here.


I saw the google street view car!

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So today I was at my girlfriends house and seen some car with a giant thing mounted on the top, I thought what the hell and walked outside, the car had google on the side, it was a google street view car taking photographs for google maps, I was shocked to see it, haha. If you where wondering I was in Crosby, Liverpool, UK, so if you near there you might see it yourself soon. Hopefully I’ll get myself on street view 😉

Google street view screenshot

Tall Ships’ Races Liverpool 2008 More Photos

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Here are more photographs of the Tall Ships I took, click them to see the larger and better quality versions.

Tall Ships’ Races Liverpool 2008

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I went to the Tall Ships’ Races in Liverpool yesterday, some very nice looking ships. Got some photographs check them out below. Click them for larger versions.

Latest Photographs

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These are some of my latest photographs. Taken in liverpool at formby and crosby beach. Click them for larger versions.

Sand Texture - Crosby Beach Untitled - Crosby Formby Beach - Sunset III Formby Beach II Formby Beach - Sunset Formby Beach Formby Beach - Looking Out To Beauty